Objects to Live With

Commission based, collaborativley designed artworks

Upon reflection, I found that about every 6 months or so I feel compelled to make something that I want to live with or see up on the wall everyday. These things are often tied to more formalized projects that I am making in the studio but feel more celebratory. 

Objects to Live With is designed to make these same artworks available to others through customizable commissions to honor the preferences and the specificity of their patrons lives.

I am piloting this series with two of my favorites, Bird Weaving and Paper Pulp Zig Zag Stool. I started making bird weavings while at Fabrica Research Center when I was researching weaving as a technology that linked early kindergarten and Bauhaus pedegogy with lessons to teach us about ways to build and repair today inherant to its’ form. The Zig Zag stool was created in Philadelphia and was inspired by the installation of 16 benches I made for Drawing Herd.  

As part of this process I will meet with you to create this work specially for you. You could also give this as a gift and I can work with you to come up with a design or you can invite them to work with me!

Color, scale, and patterning are some of the things you can customize, but your approach could also be, I want to hang this bird weaving in my kitchen where I see Anna’s Hummingbirds in the winter, here is a picture of what it looks like, can you design a weaving that goes? OR Can you make a set of zig zag stools that with geometric patterning? Here is my favorite painting as a reference. You could have a special object or image that you want embedded within the artwork. Maybe you want to be surprised!

Bird Weaving - $400

Paper Pulp Zig Zag Stool - $750

Depending on scale and complexity, this price could vary and will be finalized during the design consulting process. 20% discount if purchasing multiple works.

* I will take up to 10 orders of each and expect a 2-4 month turn around.

* Price includes shipping and handling
* Invoice for 50% sent when design is finalized with client, remaining cost invoiced upon completion