Planner: August 2017 to May 2018

2018 / screenprint / portfolio: 30 unique 12 x 18'' prints, edition of 10

“Planner” is a reproduction of the 30 weekly pages of Allred's academic planner. A private tool filled with commitments, small reminders, lists, chores, scheduled leisure, and project plans becomes public as a printed multiple. A visualization of how time is spent, organized, and remembered in institutionalized, bureaucratic, and social settings, the portfolio of prints stands in as a portrait of the artist and her environment. The structure of the planner understands time as a finite resource divided up into 30-minute increments excluding sleeping time. An effort to structure time and uses it wisely often falls apart as tasks extend long past the outlined rectangles designated for them. As a tool the planner is used to measure the things that need to get done against the structure of a week. The tool preserves the aspiration or intention of the week, but the hours comprised of distraction, waiting, conversation, and unexpected events that make up so much of our lives are lost to time. Examining what one institutional year amounts to, the document becomes a reflective tool to evaluate if time spent aligns with what we deem most important.