Earthly Delights

2017 / hand and machine cut Tyvek, screen printing, ink / dimensions vary / lighting design: Jacob Weston / installed at The Frame Gallery, Pittsburgh PA in exhibition with Sydney Krantz

The meditative process of cutting paper layering form and shadow has been central to my early artistic development. With the scale of this project, I introduced fabrication tools to a process that before had been solitary and limited to one blade. I created templates to work from, sourcing photos of plants, sketchbook drawings, and generative randomness to cut the panels using a vinyl plotter.  Afterwards, I worked back into the panels, adding unique cut outs, painting, and screen printing.
Installed, the Tyvek tapestries cascade, peel, and lift from the gallery walls creating a sense of place. Somewhere in between a stage and its scaffolding, Earthly Delights is both a space for performance and observation. A setting for reflection, rejuvenation and gathering.

Like the making process, the viewing process can become quite time intensive if visitors choose to engage with it. Layers of shadow move across the floor in the passing light. Pockets between panels of paper become cocoons to hide behind and watch as paper cast shadow meld with human and streetscape shadows passing by.